Have you ever thought of giving up on Facebook organic reach because it gets little results?

I’ve been there and I refuse to give up.  Here’s why:

Myth #1 Facebook Organic Reach Doesn’t Work

I’ve been in situations where I post something and zero engagement.  I was tempted to throw in the towel and focus on Instagram & LinkedIn. Something inside me said “Facebook is still valuable. Keep going”

I’m glad I did! 🙂

There are almost 2 million monthly active users in Facebook despite the algorithms.

So it pays to persevere – deliver the right content to the right people. Over time, you’ll get engagement & increase organic reach.

Action Item: Do market research to figure out exactly what your ideal clients want. Then study what questions they’re asking in Facebook groups & what content they engage with, even in their personal Facebook account.

Myth #2 It’s Not Worth It To Focus On Your Facebook Business Page

Yes it’s impossible to get any sort of meaningful engagement in Facebook business pages. People do check out your Facebook business pages. Everyday I get 5 to 10 people viewing my business page.

Your ideal clients are searching for solutions even in Facebook. They will check out your Facebook business page. So post current content in your business page & livestream in there to maintain a constant presence.

Action Item: Plan out a list of topics to post about in your Facebook business page. What topics could you be livestreaming about?

Myth #3 Maybe My Clients Aren’t On Facebook

Oh yes they’re! 68% of U.S. adults use Facebook & that includes millennials.

“Nearly three-quarters of women in the U.S. (74%) use the platform, compared with 62% of men. People in urban areas are more likely than those in suburban or rural areas to use Facebook, as are those with a college degree when compared with people who have lower levels of education” Source: Pew Research Center.

Plus many of us visit Facebook daily, at least a minimum of once per day.

Implications For Business Owners

As a business owner, it pays for you to remain active in Facebook. Focus on building engagement so that you can increase organic reach & keep your ad spend as low as possible. And if you need help, figuring out what type of engaging content to post, here’s a resource that will help you out.

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