Social media presents a great opportunity to connect with your ideal customers or clients on a personal level. I am sure you’ve heard these famous words, “People like to do business with individuals they know,like and trust.”

So, instead of just promoting your products or services, use social media to develop meaningful relationships with your ideal clients or customers. This includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and any other platform your ideal clients typically hang out in.

The bottom line is delight your customers instead of badgering them for the sale.

Soulful social selling involves producing content that:

  • Educates
  • Entertains
  • Engages

How that this occur?

Through conversations that take place via:

  • Your Written Posts
  • Engaging in Facebook and LinkedIn Groups
  • Engaging with influencers’ posts.  For example, Gary Vee, Neil Patel, Lisa Nichols, etc.
  • Your Videos and Livestreams where you offer strategies and tips for addressing one part of your ideal client’s major business challenges
  • Private Messages via Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn Messages, Instagram Direct Message, and other social media platform direct message.

Do all these things consistently and you’ll get a steady stream of fans and followers who become your raving clients.

Here are some helpful resources:

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Want to reach out one-on-one via LinkedIn messages?

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