What is soulful social selling? It is a relationship driven sales technique where your conversations are about the potential client and their challenges, mission, vision & goals and not your business, product features etc.  

When you talk about your business, it’s framed in terms of your solving their specific challenges and the transformation you offer with client success stories. It’s What’s In It For Them versus What’s In It For You!

Purchases occur when prospects connect with you intellectually and emotionally.

This is what an impactful social media marketing and sales strategy looks like: the ability to quickly demonstrate to your ideal clients or customers prospects the types of transformation your business provides. You are in the business of problem solving.

In return for solving massive problems, there’s a fair exchange of value: cash transaction and transformation delivered.

Usually that transformation relates to time and money saved by your clients, restored relationships (employee engagement or personal relationships that are back on track), and even restored health.

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