According to Social Media Examiner, Facebook organic reach is at an all time low of 2 to 6%. What does this mean for your business? Should you walk away from Facebook?

If you are thinking of walking away from Facebook and focusing on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or other platforms, here are some stats for you to consider:

A recent finding from Statista: As of 3rd Quarter 2018, Facebook has 2.32 billion active monthly users.

68% of US adults use Facebook. 51% of them use it several times a day.

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, your ideal clients or customers are extremely active in  Facebook. They log into Facebook during lunch hours, at the traffic light, in the wee hours of the evening while the kids sleep. Maybe at a boring meeting, they scroll up and down their news feed.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your content appeared on their news feed and they engaged with you without your spending a fortune in Facebook ads!

Whether you are a Technology Company or a Life Coach, take the time to friend your premium clients.  This is one of the most effective ways to cultivate relationships.

Hack #1: Leverage the “See First Button

After you friend someone, follow them.  Click the “Following tab” and select “See First.” After you do this, whenever that individual posts, you will see their posts on your news feed. Engage with their content. They are bound to check out your profile and business.  If you end up having a conversation, you now have a warm lead to cultivate a relationship with.  This increases the likelihood of their being receptive to your promotions.

Facebook Business Page:  This hack also works for your Facebook business page. Provide instructions for your fans or followers to select “See First” under Following so that they do not miss out on a single post of yours.


Hack #2: Create a Business Related Friend List

 Create a Friend List for your business related friends. You can name it by your ideal clients “Consultants” or “Business Friends.”  As soon as you sent a friend request, or accept a friend request, add then to your business related list.

Hack #3: Post Business Related Content From Your Personal Timeline

Post business related content from your personal timeline.  Customize who sees your post by selecting “Friends” and checking your business related list.  Prior to posting, ask specific people to engage with your posts, and then tag them. This will help boost your post organically.

Caveat:  Do not promote your products or services via your personal timeline. Instead say something like “Comment if you want more information.

Hack #4: Share Your Facebook Posts

If you are a member of different Facebook groups, depending on group regulations, share your Facebook posts. A great time to do so is during “Promo Days.” 

Otherwise share your Facebook posts in your other social media accounts.  You can also link your post inside an email newsletter.

Hack #5: Leverage Videos

Since Facebook’s algorithm favors videos, schedule times to go live or post native videos. Use video to increase your visibility and reach. The more minutes someone spends watching your videos, the greater the reach.  Be sure to share out your Facebook video posts. 


And finally….

Create a consistent Facebook posting schedule.  As more and more people become familiar with your content, they will start to engage.

These are just a few hacks. I have some more up my sleeve. If you are interested in  learning additional strategies for Facebook and other social media platforms, please feel free to join my free Facebook Community – Total Digital Transformation.