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What happens if your business does not have a big enough referral base? Social media done right is a powerful client generation tool for businesses experiencing stagnant growth.


How We Increase Social Media Sales by Over 80% In Less Than a Year

Clients come to us when their business growth is at a standstill. They see lead generation via social media as a viable option to generate premium clients. However, the social media stage is extremely crowded. The challenge is building brand awareness & trust to move a prospect through the sales process.

We have developed a system for generating compelling content that attracts, engages & compels ideal clients to take action.

Check out our case study below for details.


Take Your Social Media Marketing To The Next Level


Our client, a midsize business specializing in change management services, was stuck at stagnant growth. Sapir Management Group, LLC was hired to review their social media marketing strategy.  The client was struggling to figure out how to get their proprietary change management system in front of C-Level Executives confronted with managing transformational changes, employee engagement, building a distinct culture & leadership training. 


 Our client had a disruptive solution. We knew that the right messaging, articles & case studies would captivate the interest of C-Level Executives to schedule Discovery Calls.  The Sapir Management team developed a LinkedIn campaign that involved writing a Change Management article, building out a solid case study, and creating a LinkedIn marketing campaign.  We thoroughly researched the company & the executives & used the information to draft customized messages that averaged 5 monthly discovery calls.





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If you implement her strategies, depending on your business and level of effort, you will see shifts in your business as it relates to getting leads, acquiring clients, and generating revenue...”

Janeane Davis, James, Davis & Associates, CEO