Is Your LinkedIn Profile Attracting the Right Clients?

The biggest reason why most entrepreneurs are reluctant to use LinkedIn is the perception that the platform is full of spammers and obnoxious high-pressure salesy people.

Not being active in LinkedIn could cost you several hundred thousand dollars in revenue through quick and simple organic reach.

To get 1st degree connections who are your ideal clients means having a branded LinkedIn profile that inspires them to connect with you.

Join me for a LinkedIn Power Hour Session to discuss how you can create a client attracting LinkedIn profile.

Your LinkedIn Power Hour Session Includes:

  • How to Incorporate 11 Essential Components to Create Your Client-Focused  LinkedIn Profile                             
  • Discussion of Techniques to Inspire Your Ideal Client to Copy & Click Your Call to Action Links from your About & Experience Sections
  • Creation of a Customized LinkedIn Sales Funnel For Your Unique Business Needs

11 Essential Components of a Client-Centered LinkedIn Profile

Professional Profile Photo

Use an inviting & friendly Professional Headshot that inspires the right people to connect with you.

Keyword Rich Profile

Include in your profile keywords that your ideal clients typically use in their Google & LinkedIn searches.

Featured Content

Use LinkedIn’s Featured Content to highlight select posts or add links to external websites & media.

Branded Background

Create a branded background adds personality to your LinkedIn Profile & visually showcases your expertise.

Captivating About Section

Create a captivating and enticing About Section with relevant stories that compels them to take action.

Volunteer Experience

Add any volunteer experience to highlight your community involvement.  This includes board memberships. 


Niche Focused Headline

That clearly demonstrates the transformation you provide & showcases your expertise in 220 characters or less.  

Relevant Experience

Use the Challenge Action Results (CAR) formula to showcase your relevant experience.

Licenses & Training

LinkedIn has a section that enables you to add professional licenses, training & certifications.  

Your Customized LinkedIn Sales Funnel

Discovery Calls

Together we’ll devise a strategy for you to use LinkedIn messages & your news feed to book as many Discovery Calls as your calendar can handle.

Acquire Corporate Clients

You also have the option to develop a LinkedIn Sales Funnel that incorporates a plan for acquirinig corporate clients.

Additional Monthly Revenue

We’ll create content & marketing strategies that generates an average of 40 to 80% montly revenue growth.

6-Figure Business

Through diversifying your LinkedIn client portfolio, you will quickly reach your 6-figure goal relative to other social media platforms.


Podcasts & Speaking Engagements

We can also leverage LinkedIn to grow your podcast or book speaking engagements as part of your revenue growth plan.


Integration With Other Social Media Platforms

Your customized LinkedIn Sales Funnel also includes incorporationg other social media platforms.


I’m the Founder of Sapir Management Group, LLC, a digital marketing consulting agency with a focus on sales via authentic social media relationships.  Grand total I have 15+ years of experience in sales and marketing. Plus an MBA from one of the top 20 business schools in the United States.

I’ve generated 6 and 7 figure revenue for Fortune 500, 501 (c)(3) and Small & Mid-Sized Businesses. 

Using LinkedIn I helped clients generate $20K to $200K in additional annual revenue.

I live in Dallas, Texas with my husband Neil and 8-year-old daughter Bracha, Hebrew for blessing.  One fun fact: I am a British born American Bengali woman who pours her heart and soul into everything that means a lot to me, including my business which is my baby #2.