Courses & Master Classes


Perhaps you’ve tried LinkedIn to grow your business, but gave up because it was too confusing.

Or maybe you’re considering LinkedIn because you’ve seen other Facebook entrepreneurs get great results from the platform, but you’ve no idea how they did it.

Either way I got you covered via my mini-course where you’ll learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract your ideal clients, nurture the relationships, and gently guide them into becoming your raving clients.


Are you struggling to figure out how to get your content., including paid offers, organically seen by a wide audience of your ideal clients without having to spend a fortune on Facebook ads?

In this course, you’ll learn how to extend your organic reach and master the art of converting your fans and followers into raving clients who’ll gladly do repeat business with you.

You can build a stable 5 or 6 figure business without spending a fortune on Facebook ads.


Instead of putting an offer out there to your target audience and praying for the best possible results, there’s a new technique that allows you to get the automatic “yeses” you so badly desire.

Because of my personal struggles during the first 5 years in business (I am a mom entrepreneur), I learned that the only way to build consistent revenue is to build meaningful connections that starts with being social.

Soulful Social Selling is all about capturing your ideal clients’ attention, connecting with them via your content and one-on-one conversations, cultivating the relationships & ultimately converting your likes, fans & followers into raving clients who keep doing business with you.

In this 4 Part Master Class Series, you’ll learn exactly how to build genuine relationships that result in authentic sales.  Imagine you and your prospect no longer feeling uncomfortable when you bring up your offer & how much it costs.


As a busy mom who needs to make an income,  your ideal job is one with a flexible schedules. A traditional 8 to 5 job will not give you that flexibility. 

But building your own business can the give you the freedom  you need to play with and take care of your baby, be available when the school calls for you to pick up your sick child & just have the freedom to take your toddlers out to the park in the middle of the day.  You can even work in your PJs at 10 am instead of fighting traffic to get to the office by 8 am.

It’s because I am passionate about helping moms to make money on their terms that I created a Facebook Group focused membership group for moms to get all the resources needed to build a business based on your skills, talents & what you feel passionate about.  

Even if you work full time, you can the tools I provide to build your business in daily 30 minute increments.  No more being at the mercy of your boss.