Linked Sales Mastery: 6-7 Figure Revenue

Your Best Year Ever!!!

Imagine having your calendar fully booked with appointments & a full portfolio of clients you absolutely love working with!

You could even leverage LinkedIn to fill your Workshops/Group Sessions to capacity, get new speaking gigs & more…..


Attract. Connect. Engage.

Connections That Convert To Clients. 

Relationship Based Selling Using 3 Simple LinkedIn Funnels.

LinkedIn was never intended to be a spammy platform.  The truth is most entrepreneurs and working professionals are under the illusion they can sell via LinkedIn messages. 

They have good intentions.  Some do not realize they’re coming across as being spammy.

You wouldn’t propose marriage on the 1st date would you?  That’s how most people use LinkedIn.

By the end of this year you could meet, if not exceed your sales goals!  Close your eyes and imagine how that would feel.  How would your life be different if you had a $100K year, a $250K, or a $500K year December 31, 2021?

This time next year you could be experiencing the following amazing results:

cool Your sales pipeline filled with premium prospects/leads ready to invest in your 1-1 sessions, group coaching programs, digital products, physical products, etc.  Pretty much anything your business offers.

cool Predictable sales that eliminates your money worries and improves your quality of life.  Imagine taking time off when you need to rejuvenate without worrying about how you’re going to make it through the month.

cool Premium clients who are buying from you over and over again and giving you testimonials and rave reviews.  Imagine feeling confident in your ability to “magically” make money whenever you need it!

cool Feeling energized and motivated to sell via LinkedIn because you’re comfortable using the platform.  Imagine the feeling you’ll experience knowing that your ideal clients are ready to buy from you!

cool Feeling energized and motivated because your ideal clients enjoy your content & want to hear what you’ve to say because they see you as the Thought Leader you’re.

cool Way more sales than you ever expected even during the transition to the next normal from the 2020 pandemic. Imagine being able to donate generously to the causes you care about, including helping people who are suffering so many hardships due to COVID.


This is a 4-week group program designed for ambitious coaches, consultants & entrepreneurs like yourself who are tired of playing small and eager to strategically grow your business using LinkedIn. 

Through working with me in this highly interactive LinkedIn Group Program, you’ll master the art of relationship-based selling:

  • Attract Your Ideal Clients
  • Connect With Your Ideal Clients
  • Engage with Your Ideal Clients
  • Generate Automatic “YESES”’ For Your Premium Offers

This is not fiction or a silly fairy tale.  Yes, we are currently in a very tough business environment.  There’s nothing stopping you.  Nothing! Go for it! Transform your life! Transform your clients’ lives!  You could even end December 2020 with several 100s or 1,000s of ???

Your Investment Options





Week One: Brand Awareness Via Your Story Telling LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is like a shop window that attracts prospective customers who are drawn to your product displays. 

By using the right visuals, keywords & emotionally stirring words, you’ll stand out from your competition.

I will show you how to revise your LinkedIn profile so that your business gets easily found via LinkedIn searches. 

Then, you’ll learn story telling techniques to use in your LinkedIn profile that will inspire your readers to find out more about you & your business. 

You’ll also learn 7 critical things you need to do to your LinkedIn profile to make it an effective brand building  & marketing tool

Week Two: How to Reach The Right LinkedIn Connections Using Organic Strategies & Optional Paid Strategies

Whether you are a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, plumber, jeweler or professional in any background, there are over 500M LinkedIn professionals to connect with.

Using organic strategies, establish 1st degree connections with up to 5,000 LinkedIn professionals who fit your ideal client profile. 

LinkedIn is also an excellent platform to establish key business partnerships, find speaking engagements, promote your podcast, promote your book & so much more. 

I’ll show you how to strategically engage with your most profitable clients & prospective partners by immediately knowing within seconds of viewing their LinkedIn profile what content resonates the most with them.

Plus, if you wish to accelerate your reach, I’ll show you how to run high converting LinkedIn ads.


Week Three: Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader in LinkedIn

Increase your reputation and your revenue by learning how to leverage video and written content in LinkedIn to establish yourself as a Thought Leader. We’ll go through how to use your compelling content & figure out the right timing to introduce your products or solutions to your ideal clients.

Attract conference organizers, TV producers, journalists, editors within a few weeks of establishing yourself as a Thought Leader.

We each have our distinct superpower.  Together we’ll explore different strategies to use LinkedIn with other social media platforms to enable your business to grow at a faster pace, even during COVID.

The best part about Week 3 is learning how to leverage the power of authentically and vulnerability in LinkedIn, so that your ideal clients see you as the best professional expert to turn to for the solutions they are desperately seeking.

Week Four: Relationship Building & Social Selling via LinkedIn

LinkedIn professionals are flooded with generic emails and direct messages every single day.  We want your ideal clients to be glad to hear from you when you reach out to them via InMail or LinkedIn messages.

You’ll learn how to build bridges through establishing genuine rapport in your LinkedIn news feed, via your comments on other people’s posts, via the content you share.

We’ll cover how to use social listening to proactively find the relevant information your ideal clients truly care about so that you earn their trust.

This will set you apart from all those spammy messages that they’re tired of receiving.

Like Maya Angelou once said, ” People will forget what you said, “people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel….”

4 Live Weekly Zoom Coaching Sessions

I will host 4 live coaching sessions via Zoom every Tuesday at 4:30 PM Central. This is your chance to hop on and chat with me face to face. Ask me any questions you’ve.  Get feedback on how to reach your ideal clients in a way that feels light and easy for you. 

I’ll brainstorm with you what to say the first time you reach out to your ideal client via LinkedIn message or InMail.

During these coaching sessions, I will provide supplemental training to help you consistently grow your monthly revenue via LinkedIn.

YES,  all these sessions will  will be recorded.  We’ll being our 1st session on Tuesday April 20th. If you can’t make it live, you can submit questions ahead of time.

Access To Private Facebook Group

As soon as you sign up, you’ll have access to a private members only Facebook group where you can get your questions answered. I will provide additional support throughout the week starting April 21st.

I will be available Monday through Friday and some weekends to answer any questions you have, guide you on how to present your offerings/solutions in your LinkedIn profile give feedback on your LinkedIn marketing strategy, guide you on how to find your ideal clients via LinkedIn search, etc.

I typically check in the group 2-3 times a day.



BONUS #1 My LinkedIn Client Messaging System To Quickly Get $5K

Starting immediately, I will show you step by step how I intentionally show up in LinkedIn messages to promote webinars, free training, and paid programs.  You will see first hand how I create rinse and repeat customized messages. 

Plus I will show you my system that will land you new clients who will want to work with you long term.  

Bonus #2 Strategies For Growing Your Business to 6-Figures Within 1 Year

Whether you offer coaching, consulting, social media management services, VA services, life coaching services, CPA, and other professional services, I will show you how to quickly ramp up your business growth using the strategies that I leveraged with a client who won three 6-figure contracts.  I’ll show you how to reach C-Level Executives through leveraging your existing connections so that you get face to face meetings.



Love  for my LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Strategies

Irene serves as a strategic partner, from offering feedback and brainstorming ideas to designing the operational implementation. As a result my revenue grew by 80% in less than 24 months. This year, I have signed 4 new contracts with my ideal clients. Irene’s strategic mind, partnering energy and professional looking work products are major contributing factors to my success.  

Distinct Culture Consultant

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge Irene Rivkah for helping me step by step to reach a whole new level in my business.  She is caring, a great listener and gives you manageable homework.

Carolyn Feder

Founder, Sensory Interior Design

Irene (Rivkah) is a Master of Marketing. Her true expertise lies in her ability to meet a client at her place of need and communicate actionable techniques and strategies for success. My greatest struggle in my new business is having dozens of dynamic ideas, but lacking the knowledge of how to market and sell them effectively. Irene solves this problem by encouraging me and giving me the tools for how to find and sell to my target niche.

Amy Askin

Founder, Amy Guides

If you implement her strategies, depending on your business and level of effort, you will see shifts in your business as it relates to getting leads, acquiring clients, and generating revenue. I highly recommend her without reservation. Her advice, counsel, and ability to hold me accountable have been invaluable business tools.

Janeane Davis

CEO, James Davis & Associates

Irene Rivkah Krasnoff knows LinkedIn inside out. She helped me design a powerful LinkedIn profile that’s attracting my ideal clients. Irene is my “go to” resource for anything LinkedIn related.

Jessica Green

Founding Partner, Green Tax & Business Advisors

Client doubled revenue after revamping his LinkedIn profile and engaging in the 7 LinkedIn marketing strategies.  

Business Re-Engineering Consultant


I’m the Founder of Sapir Management Group, LLC, a digital marketing consulting agency with a focus on sales via authentic social media relationships.  Grand total I have 15+ years of experience in sales and marketing. Plus an MBA from one of the top 20 business schools in the United States.

I’ve generated 6 and 7 figure revenue for Fortune 500, 501 (c)(3) and Small & Mid-Sized Businesses. 

Using LinkedIn I help clients generate $20K to $200K in additional annual revenue.

I live in Dallas, Texas with my husband Neil and 8-year-old daughter Bracha, Hebrew for blessing.  One fun fact: I am a British born American Bengali woman who pours her heart and soul into everything that means a lot to me, including my business which is my baby #2.