What would be the IMPACT on your business if you stepped into YOUR POWER instead of giving in to Self-Sabotage, Imposter Syndrome & that pesky inner critic?

You’ve big goals & ambitions for your business. Yet there’s this invisible barrier that keeps you from taking action that leads to consistent cash pouring into your business.

You feel trapped inside your head, wanting to desperately get out!

Through my P.A.C.E System & community support,  you’ll naturally create & sell from a place of CALM, CLARITY & CONFIDENCE!


Adjust your belief system to align with the vision you’ve for your business!

Does this describe you?

  • Panic attacks, money stresses, self-esteem issues are daily occurrences


  • Every time you’re excited about creating & selling your amazing offer, your mind is in such turmoil that you lose focus & you’re paralyzed by fear


  • The mental turmoil, brain fog, overwhelm and anxiety drains your energy and keeps from the consistent 5-figure plus monthly revenue you so deeply desire
  • You’re painfully aware that something is going on within your subconscious mind that is keeping you from reaching your highest potential.  You’ve no idea how to exit this endless rut

You’re not alone….

Back in 2019 when my first business crashed due to PTSD, I was deeply depressed, discouraged & deflated. I never thought I would ever be able to climb back up after hitting rock bottom.  I used to think that building a 6 or 7 figure business was only for  the people with happy childhoods and who never experienced sexual abuse.

What I’m about to share completely changed my business & life beyond my wildest dreams

Then one day something clicked.  I realized that being an entrepreneur meant the world to me. I didn’t want to let self-doubt or negative opinions about me hold me back from building my dream business.  I knew something needed to shift…..

Total Brain Makeover

Break the never ending pattern of self-sabotage, perfectionism, analysis-paralysis & the voice in your head that says, “I cannot do this. Something’s wrong with me.”

You’ll begin to recognize how your unique gifts & talents will transform lives.  You’ll easily push back the self-doubt & resistance so that you’re creating & selling with ease.

From Chaos To Calm

I designed my 4 Step Process to help you transition from anxiety & nervousness to clarity & confidence so that you can easily create offers that truly resonate with your ideal clients/customers.

Because you now know how to manage your mental blocks, you’ll no longer struggle to show up in social media & via email to promote your amazing offer!

Execute With Elegance

Next time you sit down to create your amazing product/offer you’ll be super focused.  Before you know it you have a final product that you cannot wait to launch.

While promoting your amazing offer, your ideal client can feel your positive energy and enthusiasm.  They instantly connect with you.  Before you know it your sales are soaring

My mission is to help entrepreneurs step into their purpose with passion & confidence through overcoming fear, lack of confidence, self-doubt & other mental blocks that are unnecessarily holding them back. As a result, they will confidently build a profitable business & live an amazing life full of fun and adventures.

Introducing Master Your Pain & Skyrocket Your Sales

Experience the freedom of creating and selling from a place of calm & positive energy, as well as self-confidence.

You will easy connect with your ideal clients and get the engagement and sales with natural flow and ease.

In this Revolutionary Master Class, I teach you my 4- step P.A.C.E system designed to conquer mental blocks and step into the most powerful & empowered version of yourself.

Together we’ll:

  • Process Your Pain
  • Activate Your Positive Energy
  • Create with Clarity & Confidence
  • Execute with Elegance

No more self-doubt.  No more procrastination & self-sabotage.





Transforming Your Pain Fundamentals

In this 4 part series, you will learn how to identify subtle self-sabotaging patterns that are harming your business & keeping you depressed, anxious & super-stressed.

You’ll immediately realize how business challenges and setbacks automatically activating the “panic button” inside your brain.

Through these insights, you’ll know what to do to keep your brain from panicking when: 

  • A launch fails
  • Money is low in your bank account
  • Technology glitches happen
  • Email open rates are less than 10%
  • Clients are being difficult

P.A.C.E: Process The Pain

In this 3-part series, we’ll do a deep-dive into how 3 Key-Life Stressors are keeping you from attracting the money you desire.

When we struggle with shame, it makes us hide from social media and selling.

With the right tools at your finger tips, you’ll easily erase the shame scripts that run on autopilot inside your head. 

Do you wake up feeling low?  This is due to self- destructive thoughts that run on autopilot daily. Through my “Watch Your Thoughts Tracking System, quickly break these negative thought patterns that threaten to destroy your business.

P.A.C.E: Activate Your Positive Energy

Your body is a live energy field.  It has a huge impact on how you come across in real life, online & even via emails. Activating your positive energy is key to attracting premium clients & skyrocking your sales.

Celebrating past successes is one of the main strategies to overcome Imposter Syndrome & generate positive energy without feeling that you’re boasting, arrogant or rubbing it in.

The fate of your business also depends on who is in the driver’s seat – you are your inner child? If your inner child is wounded, I’ll share techniques to self-soothe. If you had a happy childhood, I will share how you can leverage this positive energy into business success.

The last part of this training will focus on flipping conscious & subconscious limiting beliefs.

P.A.C.E: Create With Clarity & Confidence

This part of the Master Class focuses on making business fun and simple so that you are not overwhelmed.  There are a lot of moving parts in an online or brick and mortar business.

Having a complicated sales and marketing process creates stress.  Worrying about sales coming in and the multiple things you have to do creates stress.

I was introduced to the concept of making your business fun and light by a business and sales coach who is now a millionaire.

Bringing joy and simplifying my sales & marketing processes has transformed my business.  In this module, I share strategies for bringing joy into your business, along with a S.W.O.T analysis, designed to focus on your strengths, mitigate risks & gain clarity on building a framework that leads to the creation of a profitable business.

P.A.C.E: Execute WIth Elegance

There are 2 essential elements for executing with elegance:

  • Tapping Into Your Support System
  • Designing a Simple Implementation System

Execution with elegance is all about running your business without pressure. It’s about not worrying about failure.

Basically it’s about showing up in social media and selling naturally without overthinking what content to create or what to say.

The best way to do this – Think Big & Small at the same time.  What does that involved?

Set a goal. Create simple processes.  Then take small steps toward that goal.  This module provides you with a simple implementation system that will help your business grow & prosper.


P.A.C.E: Simple Sales Funnel

The most essential component of executing with elegance is your sales funnel.

What is a Sales Funnel?

It’s the journey you take your ideal client through the moment they becomes aware of your business.  

That journey ideally ends up in a sale. The simpler the journey, the quicker sales happen.

You don’t need flashy sales pages.  You don’t need thousands of webinars and automations that are so over the place that you can hardly keep up.

All you need is a simple sales funnel with a high conversion rate.

Which is why in the Execute with Elegance module I share my simple sales funnel that’s easy to implement without the complicated automations.



BONUS #1 Tracking Your Thoughts Tool

You gotta watch your thoughts every single day, in order to easily focus on your money-making activities.  Every product you create.  Every social media post..  Every email you write. All of these are getting you closer to the profit creating business you’ve always dreamed about.

The Tracking Your Thoughts Tool that I designed will help you get a snapshot of your thoughts over a specific time  period.

You’ll start to recognize your negative thought patterns.  Once you identify these thoughts, through using P.A.C.E, you’ll instantly be able to replace them with more empowering thoughts that allow you to easily focus on making your dreams a reality!

Bonus #2 Facebook Group Support

After enrolling, you’ll gain immediate access to my private Master Your Pain Facebook Group.  You have access to all kinds of resources such as bonus liverstreams providing a deeper dive into my P.A.C.E strategies so that within a short time frame you’ll be able to take control of any mental blocks including self-sabotage, procrastination & imposter syndrome.  

You’ll also have access to affirmations, quotes & inspiring videos that have transformed my life & business.



Rivkah’s knowledge, experience and wisdom shines through in her new course, Master your Pain and Skyrocket Sales. If you want to go on the self growth or personal transformation of a lifetime, become an entrepreneur! Anything and everything will come up at some point running your business. And instead of thinking “what’s wrong with me” – take this course! Rivkah walks you through easily how to move from triggers into transformation (and SALES)! Tune inward, release, let go and heal – and watch your confidence and bank account grow!

Loren Cellentani

Holistic Health Coach, Loren Cellentani

If you implement her strategies, depending on your business and level of effort, you will see shifts in your business as it relates to getting leads, acquiring clients, and generating revenue. I highly recommend her without reservation. Her advice, counsel, and ability to hold me accountable have been invaluable business tools.

Janeane Davis

CEO, James Davis & Associates

This course has so many tools and techniques that will really help you address any challenges that are stopping you moving forward with your business..

Naomi Carlin


I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge Irene Rivkah for helping me step by step to reach a whole new level in my business.  She is caring, a great listener and gives you manageable homework.

Carolyn Feder

Founder, Sensory Interior Design

Irene serves as a strategic partner, from offering feedback and brainstorming ideas to designing the operational implementation. As a result my revenue grew by 80% in less than 24 months. This year, I have signed 4 new contracts with my ideal clients. Irene’s strategic mind, partnering energy and professional looking work products are major contributing factors to my success.

Distinct Culture Consultant

Irene (Rivkah) is a Master of Marketing. Her true expertise lies in her ability to meet a client at her place of need and communicate actionable techniques and strategies for success. My greatest struggle in my new business is having dozens of dynamic ideas, but lacking the knowledge of how to market and sell them effectively. Irene solves this problem by encouraging me and giving me the tools for how to find and sell to my target niche.

Amy Askin

Founder, Amy Guides

Irene Rivkah Krasnoff knows LinkedIn inside out. She helped me design a powerful LinkedIn profile that’s attracting my ideal clients. Irene is my “go to” resource for anything LinkedIn related.

Jessica Green

Founding Partner, Green Tax & Business Advisors


I’m the Founder of Sapir Management Group, LLC, a digital marketing / business consulting enterprise with a focus on sales via authentic social media relationships.  Grand total I have 15+ years of experience in sales and marketing. Plus an MBA from one of the top 20 business schools in the United States.

I’ve generated 6 and 7 figure revenue for Fortune 500, 501 (c)(3) and Small & Mid-Sized Businesses. 

Recently I chose to go public with my mental health challenges, in particular with PTSD.  Against all odds, I went from crashing a business due to anxiety to building an amazingly successful business.  I built my first business so that I could have a flexible schedule to spend more time with my daughter who is now almost 9 years old.

I live in Dallas, Texas.   One fun fact: I am a British born American Bengali woman who pours her heart and soul into everything that means a lot to me, including my business which is my baby #2.