Mom’s Business Academy



Build a Thriving Mom Friendly Business.

Be There For Every Childhood Milestone.


Build Your Freedom Business at a Comfortable & Manageable Pace For You!!!


Imagine within a few short months, you’re CEO of your very own freedom business that is aligned with your passion and making you steady monthly income.  

The kind of business that allows you to set your own schedule, make as much money as you want and end financial stress.   You can truly have your dream life that includes extra quality time with your family.


Imagine no longer having fights with your spouse over money issues, feeling trapped in a dead end job, or no longer being burdened by debt that feels out of control.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to build and grow your freedom business!

Mom’s Business Academy is for you if you are thinking of starting a business or you have a business but it’s not producing the income you hoped for.

Don’t worry if you are a mom with a full-time job, a stay at home mom with active little ones, a stay at home mom with a baby plus toddlers, or a stay at home home with your first baby.

You can build your business in small chunks of time. The key is consistency. Work on your business everyday even if it’s just for 15 minutes.

It starts with gaining clarity & focus on what your interests, skills, passion and talents are.

Then, with that clarity having an “ah ha” moment on how to make money doing what you are passionate about and uniquely talented in. 

From there, you know exactly what products or services to create and who your target market is.

And finally, the clarity and focus on exactly what you need to work on each and everyday and for how long.

If you are at a loss about where to begin and what to do to create your freedom business, don’t worry. I got you covered.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars to get the resources you need, gain access to essential business building tools for a low monthly membership fee of $20, or 2 months free membership for $200 paid in full.

Join Mom’s Business Academy for $20/month and receive business resources valued at over $15,000.  Pay for the entire year and receive 2 months free membership.


Tools Designed To Build Your Business Within 30 to 90 days


You are a busy mom….

Lengthy videos and workbooks aren’t practical.  Besides they are overwhelming.

I created videos in bite size chunks of 10 to 30 minutes for you to quickly watch at your leisure.

Each video is accompanied by a workbook organized by sections so that you can easily work in increments of 15 minutes.

MBA membership also includes downloadable templates that you can easily customize to your business: monthly revenue & budget planning, market research, client needs assessment, monthly & annual goal setting templates, and more…

You’ll also gain access to 150+ Highly Engaging Facebook Posts and 31 LinkedIn email templates that you can also use for other social media platforms.

As I create new business templates, I’ll make them available to you. Normally these templates are reserved for clients who invest a minimum of $2,000 with me.

Daily Access To Private Facebook Community

Being a very busy and overwhelmed mom is so isolating. When you add building a business, that isolation doubles especially if you lack essential support from family members & friends.

That’s why I’ve created a private Facebook Community – Mom’s Business Academy: 6 Figures and Beyond- for you to connect with fellow mom entrepreneurs and have conversations that build deep connections.

Moms with little ones at home will receive a schedule and creative tips for caring for your children without them feeling neglected, as you also focus on building your business.

Based on my personal experiences participating in client conference calls while changing diapers or feeding my baby, I will share tips on how to have seamless conversations with your clients and tend to your baby’s & toddler’s needs at the same time.

You’ll also learn how to set expectations with your clients so that you can be fully present for your children when they need you, and then be fully present for your clients when they need you!

Imagine keeping both your children and clients happy!

Monthly Goal Setting Sessions

You are a busy mom juggling work, household errands, meal prep, homework, birthday party invitations, school activities, taking care of your baby and more…

You & I both know that to build your freedom business, it’s critical to have monthly, quarterly & annual goals. 

That’s why I’m eliminating the “goal setting overwhelm” by conducting Zoom sessions 3 days before the end of the month so that all moms will have a chance to create their monthly goals, and from there, quarterly and annual goals.

Your job will be simply to implement the goals you set with a group of supportive mom entrepreneurs.

If you have trouble implementing your goals, simply post in the private Facebook community so that others can also benefit from the help I give you.

By setting your monthly goals, you will know exactly what you will be selling, what content to post, what blog posts to create & what emails to write to your subscribers, etc.

 Monthly goals will reduce or eliminate overwhelm and provide a daily list of action items. You’ll be energized by seeing real time progress in building & growing your business.

Weekly Progress Check-In

To make sure that you’re on track with your monthly goals, I’ll check in every week inside our private Facebook group. If you have reached key milestones, we’ll celebrate together.  If you running behind, no worries we’ll cheer you on. Should you need extra guidance, myself and other mom entrepreneurs will help you.

My motto is: “Together we’ll build each mom business empire one step at a time at a pace that’s comfortable for you!”

Weekly Strategy Workshops

By joining Mom’s Business Academy, you’ll gain access to weekly workshops where myself or a guest speaker will dive deeper into a business building related topic. Through these workshops, you will learn how to set up a simple system for every business function: product creation, content creation, client acquisition & retention, client onboarding & client service delivery.

The workshops will also include the latest sales and marketing strategies including social media.

Weekly Office Hours

Every week, I will host weekly office hours to answer your questions about anything business and work/life balance related.  I will respond to every question that I receive within 24 hours or less.

Between the weekly strategy sessions, the monthly goal setting sessions, and the weekly office hours, you’ll have full support from me as if you were my one-on-one client.

Join Mom’s Business Academy for $20/month and receive business resources valued at over $15,000.  Pay for the entire year and receive 2 months free membership.


“Let me tell you a bit about a wonderful part of my business team. I call Irene Krasnoff a part of the James, Davis and Associates team because she has helped us to grow, operate more efficiently, and help see plans become reality. Irene an amazing business strategist. I have received great business advice from her.

The information she gives for free is phenomenal. I came in contact with one of her free offers for information and decided to give it a try. The tips she shared were helpful.

Later, I signed up for one of her paid plans where I met with her virtually once per week to talk about my business goals and how I was going to make those goals a reality. Her paid programs offer a lot of value. I liked the amount of time she spent with me helping me to obtain clarity, correctly prioritize work items, and create a cohesive plan for the future. If you implement her strategies, depending on your business and level of effort, you will see shifts in your business as it relates to getting leads, acquiring clients, and generating revenue. I highly recommend her without reservation. Her advice, counsel, and ability to hold me accountable have been invaluable business tools. “

Janeane Davis

CEO, James, Davis & Associates

“Irene (Rivkah) is a Master of Marketing. Her true expertise lies in her ability to meet a client at her place of need and communicate actionable techniques and strategies for success. My greatest struggle in my new business is having dozens of dynamic ideas, but lacking the knowledge of how to market and sell them effectively. Irene solves this problem by encouraging me and giving me the tools for how to find and sell to my target niche.. “

Amy Askin

CEO, Amy Guides

“Irene serves as a strategic partner, from offering feedback and brainstorming ideas to designing the operational implementation. As a result my revenue grew by 80% in less than 24 months. This year, I have signed 4 new contracts with my ideal clients. Irene’s strategic mind, partnering energy and professional looking work products are major contributing factors to my success. “

Debora McLaughlin

CEO, The Renegade Leader

About Me

Irene Rivkah Krasnoff

Irene Rivkah Krasnoff

Founder & CEO

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs with their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to grow their businesses. Using my strategies & copywriting expertise some have brought in $18K per month while others brought in $2K. All of this done organically with very little investment in Facebook ads.

I’ve 20 years experience in sales and marketing. I have worked with Fortune 500 companies, non-profit agencies & small and mid-sized businesses. I helped various organizations and clients grow their revenue by 40 to 80% per year, averaging between $50K and $500K annually.

Due to my success running a home-based business with my baby in tow, in 2016, I founded Aspiring Mompreneur to help moms build 6 to 7 figure businesses to enjoy financial freedom, flexibility, and every single milestone of their children.

Now I am the Founder of Sapir Management Group which now houses Aspiring Mompreneur.