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Digital Marketing

Businesses achieve greater levels of visibility and profitability when their social media, email marketing, website & other digital strategies are aligned with the overall mission and vision.

Drive More Traffic To Your Business Through Clarity and Simplicity

Start by getting clear on your business goals.  Select your top 3 business goals to focus on. Examples include: grow revenue by X% by the end of the year;  branch out into 3 new locations or segments; secure 5 new speaking engagements, etc.

 Then, get clear on what you want to achieve via social media to further your business goals.  Examples of social media goals include: brand awareness; build trust & rapport; increase fans & followers to convert to leads; convert leads to sales.

 Engage in active social listening as a regular part of your social media marketing strategy to learn specific challenges your ideal clients are going through, discover conversations you should be a part of & uncover opportunities for you to engage with current and prospective customers.

And finally, select your top two social media platforms that you are going to be extremely active in…

Simple Social Media Strategies Session

In this one-on-one session, we’ll work together to develop a simple social media marketing plan for your 1 to 2 platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc.).  After coming up with 2 to 3 simple social media strategies we’ll create a system for deciding what to sell, what content to create, and how to sell via your 1-2 social media platforms.  Your highly engaged social media fans and followers will purchase from you because your content addressed the heart of their problems.


Facebook Conversations to Clients

So you captured their attention.  Now what?  This course walks you through 4 different ways to have organic Facebook conversations that convert via your personal profile, Facebook Business Page, Facebook Groups, and your very own Facebook Group.

Learn how to convert Facebook conversations to engaged and excited clients who love doing business with you.