Want Consistent Sales Through Organic Reach?

Get the tools you're missing to create conversations that result in sales!

Introducing Social Media Conversations to Clients

We’re all aware of the importance of having conversations in social media that build deep connections and relationships. 

But what if you can’t get someone to start talking?

Are you creating an amazing experience that builds desire for what you are selling?

I know from first hand experience that if you do not create a thumb stopping experience, no one is going to buy from you?

Since the pandemic started, over 100 entrepreneurs  have used my Social Media Conversations To Clients Strategies to grow their businesses via social media.

And that was when e-commerce grew like crazy after we had to go remote.

Ever Wonder How Others Get All The Engagement

While You Get Crickets?

Since 2020 I’ve helped over 100 entrepreneurs increase their social media visibility so they can generate steady stream of monthly sales!  One former client is now a 7-Figure business owner!
I did this through helping my clients deeply connect with the challenges/problems their ideal clients were facing, and then identify what content resonates with them.  After capturing the attention of their ideal clients, the next step was to lead them into conversations that flow so naturally that a sales is highly inevitable, even via direct messaging.

Key Ingredients of Organic Content That Results in Sales

Brands that get noticed have more than consistent fonts and colors. It’s also your unique voice.

Ask yourself does your content leaves a strong positive and memorable impression

The biggest challenge is having your content reach the right audience organically.  When this happens, your Facebook ads will also get your desired results – High engagement and High Click Through Rates

I will show you exactly how to go from zero to limited engagement to social media friends, fans & followers who fall in love with your content and brand vibe.

Sign up for a 1-1 Social Media Conversations to Clients Session with me & I will show you the exact steps to transform your social media presence that will lead you to the sales you desire.

What You Get In Social Media Conversations To Clients

Business Clarity Pre-Call Assessment for me to understand and evaluate:

  • Opportunity for me to build deeper understanding of your business model & structure so that during our 1-1 call we are focused on discussing strategy & implementation
  • Up to 3 social media platforms with (1) Recommendations For Content; (2) Social Media Platform Branding & Best Practices for you to stand out despite the noise
  • Your Core Products/Services, as well as business & revenue goals so that I can create your Customized Engagement Plan for Building Relationships That Converts to Revenue

Social Media Pre-Call Assessment. This will include:

  • Evaluation of your current social media performance.
  • Clear establishment of your 2022 Social Media Goals
  • Evaluation of your audience and types of content that resonates with them
  • Review of your emotionally compelling marketing messaging
  • Establishment of Best Content Mix For Your Audience Based On Your Product/Service Offerings

After the two pre-call assessment, the next step for us will be to hold your 1-1 Customized Social Media Conversations to Clients Implementation Plan Session.  Please note this is a high-level blueprint plan that does not lay out all the individual tasks involved.  You will receive Implementation Activities that will give you a new level of clarity on what you need to do.

During our call, we will:

(1) Work together to ensure that your social media content has the right mix of video & written content with clear goals that get you the right engagement with the right people.  

(2) Review the Engagement Plan I built for Building Relationships That Converts to Revenue

(3) You’ll also receive my technique for finding the best 50 to 100 prospects to actively engage with




Your brand look and feel is instrumental in creating an amazing customer experience. We’ll also discuss your best mix of video & written content to establish connections, build engagement & cultivate relationships for your 1-3 primary social media platform.

LENGTH: 15 minutes


There is an art to deepening your connections within social media. The best approach is focusing on a set number of ideal clients depending on their level of social media activity. I will share with you my strategies for establishing the initial connection, drawing them into conversations & finally leading you to asking for the sale.

LENGTH: 15 minutes


How do you go from invisibility to visibility? Together we’ll explore strategies you used to get noticed. We’ll develop a system for producing & posting consistent content. We’ll also evaluate emotionally resonating phrases, along with your signature messages that get you noticed. Then I’ll show you how to leverage comments &influencers’ posts to get you visibility and high engagement.

LENGTH: 15 minutes


I will show you my exact steps for moving from high engaging, fun & valuable conversations to relationships based on a pesonal and business connections that result in automatic yeses when you ask for the sale. I will show you how to use the law of reciprocity so that your online conversations are natural. Plus I will share language that enables you to comfortably ask for the sale.

LENGTH: 15 minutes


Direct messaging done right will lead to replies and 1-1 conversations. These 1-1 conversations are critical if you want to sell high ticket items. Most people are spammy with their direct messaging. I will teach you and share examples of messages that resonate and get responses even from senior executives!

Imagine knowing how to find the right prospects and then quickly produce the right content that builds engagement and excitement about your brand.

SIGN UP TODAY before my price goes up!  20 spots available.  2 taken.

Option 1: Full payment – $350

Option 2: 2 installments of $175 each


I live in Dallas, Texas with my 9-year-old daughter Bracha, Hebrew for blessing.  One fun fact: I am a British born American Bengali woman who pours her heart and soul into everything that means a lot to me, including my business which is my baby #2.

I’m the Founder of Sapir Management Group, LLC, a digital marketing consulting agency with a focus on sales via authentic social media relationships.  Grand total I have 15+ years of experience in sales and marketing. I’ve generated 6 and 7 figure revenue for Fortune 500, 501 (c)(3) and Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

If you implement her strategies, depending on your business and level of effort, you will see shifts in your business as it relates to getting leads, acquiring clients, and generating revenue. I highly recommend her without reservation. Her advice, counsel, and ability to hold me accountable have been invaluable business tool.

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CEO, James Davis & Associates

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