Transform your non-profit agency with social media strategies that result in donations, DOnors & devoted volunteers

Social media for non-profit organizations is more than getting likes and follows.

Done well it is the most effective way to reach a wider audience, fund raise & grow exponentially.

COVID-19 has produced mixed results for the non-profit sector.  While some organizations have reported net increases in private donation revenue, as many as 42% of non-profit agencies have experienced massive losses to their funds.

If your organization is hurting, now is the time to use social media to jumpstart your fund raising and expand outreach to prospective clients, volunteers, and donors.

What this means is your non-profit organization needs to use social media more than just sharing information about what you do and who you serve. 

You need to use social media to actively bring in donations each and every month.

Your New Social Media Strategy should involve sharing useful, hopeful, humorous and helpful information.  

Use social media to create an  amazing experience so that your donors do not feel that they are just a cash machine.

Here’s how to do it

(1) Use Facebook to build excitement about your organization’s mission and vision.  This excitement will generate funds that keeps your organization running

(2) Use a mix of Facebook and 2 to 3 other social media platforms to build relationships with community supporters, potential donors & future volunteers

(3) Create content that your social media audience eagerly anticipate


With the right knowledge, you can get the greatest impact reaching out to current and potential supports via 1 to 3 social media platforms.

You will reach

  • Clients who desperately need you
  • Donors who desire partner with you
  • Volunteers want to serve you

Start working on your social media strategies between now and December 31, 2020 so that your organization can have a spectacular 2021 changing lives for the better.

Sign in today before the prices goes up!

About the author.

I live in Dallas, Texas with my husband Neil and 8-year-old daughter Bracha, Hebrew for blessing.  One fun fact: I am a British born American Bengali woman who pours her heart and soul into everything that means a lot to me, including my business which is my baby #2.

I’m the Founder of Sapir Management Group, LLC, a digital marketing consulting agency with a focus on sales via authentic social media relationships.  Grand total I have 15+ years of experience in sales and marketing. I’ve generated 6 and 7 figure revenue for Fortune 500, 501 (c)(3) and Small & Mid-Sized Businesses.


Irene Rivkah Krasnoff