Why Book Irene Rivkah Krasnoff To Speak?

  • 3 months after giving birth in 2012, Irene embarked on an ambitious journey to build a successful online business while taking care of her baby
  • Irene has mastered the art of marketing and selling via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Pinterest
  • Clients have applied the social media marketing principles Irene teaches and have closed business deals averaging $20K to $150K
  • Using Facebook organic reach, Irene has sold e-courses, coaching session, social media marketing packages with price points between $49 and $2,000

Topics I Speak About


Social Selling via LinkedIn & Facebook

In this talk, Irene presents 5 Key Strategies for selling authentically and organically using Facebook & LinkedIn using the principles of Attract, Engage, Cultivate & Convert.  Topics she covers include livestream, relationship development & list building. 

Facebook Marketing 101

Master everything you need to attract your very first client via Facebook or to maximize your results. You will learn how to:

  • Conduct market research via Facebook to learn what your ideal customers need
  • Build a highly engaging Facebook Group
  • Types of content to post on your Facebook Business Page
  • How to attract your ideal clients in Facebook
  • How to leverage the right mix of Facebook ads and organic reach

LinkedIn Marketing 101

Triple your leads with cutting edge LinkedIn marketing strategies & hacks that inspire your ideal prospects to send you invitations to connect, or, who gladly accept your requests to connect.  You will learn:

  • How to create a LinkedIn profile that attracts your ideal prospects
  • How to engage with your ideal prospects via LinkedIn messages
  • How to engage with your ideal prospects via your LinkedIn News Feed

Additional Topics I Speak About

  • The Art of Social Selling via Livestream
  • Captivate Your Clients via Organic Facebook Reach
  • Creating Your Optimized LinkedIn Profile That Drives Sales
  • 5 Social Media Hacks That Boosts Organic Reach
  • How to Launch Facebook Ads at $8 to $10 per Lead for Premium Products/Services